LOST questions

ok, this is SO funny!! and it asks most of the questions that I'm sure we're all still curious about

I actually really liked the finale of LOST, but these mysteries are so intriguing, that I'd like to know the answers!

no more contacts!

Jason went in today for Lasik eye surgery. I had to go to school, so Shirley took him bright and early this morning (thanks Shirley!). He said everything went well. He is feeling ok, except his eyes are dry, itchy, and very sensitive to light. Here he is laying in our room. I covered the blinds with a dark sheet so the room wasn't as bright. I got him a milkshake, and I'm going to go rent him a movie now. I hope he can watch it!

Christmas with the fam!

We had SO much fun!! There was a ton of food! Mom and Bob made breakfast AND lunch! It was delicious! And we got some great gifts!! It was so much fun!

And we got a BIG surprise, Parisa is pregnant! We are SO excited for them!

Christmas with the McGuires!

This was SO much fun! It was so great getting together and hanging out with everyone. The kids were so funny! The gifts were awesome too. Merry Christmas!

We had a great time! lots of gifts and lots of fun!